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Kisii Stone
Kisii stone is mined in Western Kenya in a small village called Kisii. Soapstone varies in colour from Rose to White and is hand carved by the expert Kenya carver into sculptures, tableware, animals and much more.

Soapstone can be dyed and etched by hand or left in its natural colour. Traditionally clear wax is applied to each soapstone item to bring out a lustrous finish. 

Note : As all products are hand made sizes and colour may differ slightly. 

BS289.gif (44646 bytes)Harambee

This sculpture symbolizes unity, love of a family, or people pulling together. It also portrays the importance of team work, working together to accomplish a goal, be it building a hut or building one's country.

This art piece is an ideal gift for a family or institution

Code Description Size  
BS289M Acrobats (Medium) 6"  
BS289L Acrobats (Large) 10"  

BS290.gif (60929 bytes)Mother or Father with Child

The sculpture symbolizes the everlasting bond between parents and the child. In the African context family ties are closely and strongly woven with a lot of respect for the parents by the child.

Code Description Size  
BS290S Mother & Child (Small) 6"  
BS290M Mother & Child (Medium) 9"  
BS290L Mother & Child (Large) 11"  

BS512.gif (51715 bytes)Mother or Father with Twins (Mamatoto)

Sometimes twins are born and this item symbolizes the strong bond between the children and parents. It also symbolizes the strong bond between the twins born together which becomes very strong as they grow up. 

 This is an ideal gift for parents.

Code Description Size  
BS512S Mamatoto (Small) (Mother & Twins) 8"  
BS512L Mamatoto (Large) (Mother & Twins) 12"  

BS506.gif (64649 bytes)Love Hope & Unity Knot

This is an ingenuous art piece with no end or beginning.

 It symbolizes everlasting hope, love and unity in life. 


Code Description Size  
BS506S Love Hope & Unity Knot (Small) 4"  
BS506M Love Hope & Unity Knot (Medium) 6"  
BS506L Love Hope & Unity Knot (Large) 8"  

BS518.gif (52655 bytes)

Thinking Man

In life it's important at times to pause and think. This sculpture symbolizes a person in deep thought of which course of action in life to take. 

Code Description Size  
BS509S Thinking Man (Small) 6"  
BS509M Thinking Man(Medium) 8"  
BS509L Thinking Man (Large) 10"  

SA70T.gif (36393 bytes)Standing Lovers (Mapenzi)

The art piece symbolizes commitment to one another at all times. 

It's an ideal gift for people in love, married couples, or as a wedding gift.

Code Description Size  
SA70 Standing Lovers 7"  
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